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Truck Licence Course Test - Auckland

DriveTime’s Truck Licence Package Deal: The Most Efficient Way to Work through the Necessary Licence Courses and Tests in Auckland

Have you decided that you want to pursue a career in the truck driving industry? First off, congratulations! You’ve chosen a field that offers high demand, great money-making potential, and lots of independence—among other advantages.

Secondly, though, the big question now becomes what type of truck driving you would like to pursue. The New Zealand Transport Agency does not issue one all-encompassing truck licence. Instead, if you want to earn a truck licence in Auckland, you must consider the four different licences that the NZTA does offer. In New Zealand, truck licences—or ‘heavy vehicle licences,’ as the NZTA calls them—come in Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5 variations.

Understanding the Differences Between Truck Licences in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a heavy vehicle is classified as a vehicle between 6,000kg and 50,000kg in weight. The broad ‘heavy vehicle’ category also includes sub-categories for rigid vehicles and combination vehicles. Rigid vehicles are heavy vehicles like buses or single trailer tractor trucks—ostensibly, vehicles that don’t have a train (or ‘combination’) of different trailer components. A tractor truck with three or four trailers connected in sequence, on the other hand, is an example of a combination vehicle.

The different classes of heavy vehicle licences are defined as follows:

  • Class 2: Rigid vehicles, medium weight (6,000kg – 18,000kg)
  • Class 3: Combination vehicles, medium weight (6,000 – 18,000kg)
  • Class 4: Rigid vehicles, heavy weight (18,000kg and over)
  • Class 5: Combination vehicles, heavy weight (18,000kg and over)

At DriveTime, we offer individual truck licence courses for Class 2, Class 4 and Class 5 licences. Each course is distilled down to two or three days of essentials. Our courses bypass the usual three to six-month learner licence period, allowing students to move right from the learner licence to earning the full licence. Also, you can apply the Unit Standards we teach in each course to more than one course, which means you can work with us to earn your Class 2 licence and then come back and already have a start on your Class 4 licence.

About Our Package Deal Truck Licence Course

If you are seeking your first-ever truck licence in Auckland but would ultimately like to obtain a Class 5 licence, you should consider our unique ‘Package Deal Truck Licence’ course. The package deal option is perfect for beginners with aspirations of driving the heaviest rigs in New Zealand, or for lower-level licence holders who want to work toward that Class 5 certification.

How does the package deal course work? Essentially, it allows you to pay a flat rate fee to cover your next truck licence and all other licences up to the Class 5. In other words, if you are just seeking your Class 2 licence but hope to drive Class 5 vehicles someday, you can buy our Package Deal Truck Course. You will make an $1,850 upfront payment and then pay the remainder of the course fee when you officially start training for your Class 5 licence. These two payments cover all courses and truck licence tests.

Using the Package Deal Truck Course to gain obtain your trucking credentials is not a shortcut. However, it will simplify the journey to the Class 5 licence by folding all your courses into just two payments. Since we offer a discount to students who choose the Package Deal Truck Course, you will save money as well.

Are you interested in learning more about this unique opportunity for truck licence courses and truck licence tests? Call DriveTime today on (022) 653 2701.