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Truck Driving Courses Licence Test

Learn to Drive the Big Rigs, and Gain Your License with a Truck Driving Course in Auckland

Have you ever dreamed of the open road, at the wheel of a mighty rig? Have you perhaps considered driving trucks as a profession, only to be put off because you think it might cost too much to get your truck driving licence? Think again, because enrolling on a truck driving course in Auckland is easier and cheaper than you might think. Before long, you could be following your dreams as a big rig driver.

At Drivetime, we know there are plenty of truck driving jobs available in Auckland, so anyone looking to get their truck driving licence should be guaranteed a job once qualified. Plus, if you are prepared to put in the work to get your class 5 (to drive the biggest rigs), then you can command a serious take-home wage. So, think of this as an investment towards bigger and better things for the future.

Truck Driving Courses in Auckland

We have many truck driving courses available, but perhaps one of our most popular is our “truck driving package deal”. This course trains you to take the necessary tests in sequence to gain your class 2, class 4, and then ultimately, your class 5 licence. You pay a manageable fee up-front before you begin your training, and then the remainder when you start your class 5 training. By splitting up the payments, many of our students have found this is a be an affordable route into the world of trucking.

By the time you’re ready to take your class 5 truck driving test, you’ll be capable of driving some of the biggest trucks on the roads. We’re talking about the biggest rigs, with or without trailers, and hauling goods throughout Auckland with the knowledge you have had training from some of the best instructors out there, all of whom have spent time in the industry as well. You can learn from their experience to become a full-time professional driver.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn to Drive a Truck?

Of course, you can choose to do each section (class2, class 4, and class 5) separately if you so choose. However, we would recommend our truck licence package deal, as by rolling all the training together, it’s the most efficient way to progress through the ranks, and probably also the cheapest.

Our package deal is currently a very reasonable $2,550.00, which represents fantastic value for money when you consider the benefits available to you once you pass your class 5 at the end of it. Class 5 drivers can command a serious take-home wage.

You’ll pay a $1850 deposit to begin with, and that will get you all the way through to taking your class 4 truck driving test. You then pay the remainder before embarking on your class 5 training. By doing it this way, our truck driving courses in Auckland are the most affordable routes into the trucking work available. Give us a call to begin your adventure today.