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Vehicle Recovery V Endorsement Test Course

Take a V Endorsement Course to Test for Your Vehicle Recovery Credentials at Drivetime

It's an unfortunate fact of life that the vehicles we depend on daily for transportation and enterprise will eventually break down, becoming stuck in place. When that happens, conducting repairs on the spot isn't always possible or feasible. The next step is to tow the vehicle to another location for servicing. In other cases, several vehicles may need transportation to another area all at once. In any scenario, if you want to be a part of this process for reward or hire, you must have a V endorsement on your licence. Without this endorsement, you cannot legally tow vehicles for payment.

At Drivetime, we exist to provide drivers like you a quick and straightforward way to undertake a vehicle recovery endorsement course for the right certifications. With the completion of two learning units necessary to undertake the V endorsement test, it only takes a couple of days before you're ready to head back out on the road. For some, the course may only take a single day — it depends on your level of personal experience with logbook procedures. Overall, though, why should you choose our service to learn how to haul vehicles safely? We believe there are a few excellent reasons.

A quick two-day vehicle recovery endorsement course

Drivetime's focus is on equipping drivers with the skills necessary to not just expand their careers but to do so safely and effectively. That is why the instructors who will prepare you for your vehicle recovery endorsement test are real drivers themselves. These are people who have passed their V endorsement course just like you hope to, and they've put their skills to work in the real world for many years.

Do you have questions during class? Feel free to ask anything you like. These instructors are glad to share their experiences with you while navigating the elements of the course. Across two units, you will learn about proper logbook use while also intensely studying the right procedures and regulations for vehicle recovery. You will gain a solid theoretical basis for understanding towing. After two days of learning with the Drivetime team, we'll allow you to sit for the test. Cap off your course with a passing grade and begin thinking about how to branch out regarding your career.

Find a booking date that works for you soon

We encourage you to consider making plans to enrol in a V endorsement course soon. Consider - adding this skill to your toolbox can open new career paths and opportunities for you. Everyone needs a tow from time to time, and the ability to assist with vehicle recovery after an accident is invaluable. In other words, there's built-in job security for those who have earned their vehicle recovery stripes. With affordable courses yielding real world value, we hope you'll choose Drivetime for your career improvement efforts. Check our available bookings now, or visit our contact page to submit an enquiry.