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Class 5 Drivers / Driving Licence Course

Expand Your Job Opportunities, with a Class 5 Driving Licence Course from DriveTime

Perhaps you already work in the trucking industry and are interested in taking your career to the next level. Alternatively, maybe you are looking to get into the trucking field for the first time and are wondering where to start. In either case, DriveTime can help you achieve your career goals by providing a pathway towards the right commercial trucking licence.

DriveTime is one of New Zealand’s most trusted providers for heavy vehicle driver’s licences. No matter your level of experience, we have a course or course package that will suit your needs perfectly. From Class 2 heavy vehicle licence courses all the way up to Class 5 licence courses, we can get you as far as you want to go in the trucking industry.

The Benefits of a Class 5 Licence

At DriveTime, we mostly leave it to our students to decide what type of trucking licence is best for them. In New Zealand, a heavy vehicle licence is required to drive not only trucks but also buses, trailers, forklifts and other large and heavy vehicles or equipment. The size of the actual vehicles you are permitted to drive is determined by the tier or ‘Class’ of your licence. For instance, a Class 2 heavy vehicle licence allows truck drivers to operate medium rigid vehicles. A Class 3 licence, meanwhile, allows holders to drive medium combination vehicles, while a Class 4 licence permits the operation of heavy rigid vehicles.

A Class 5 driver’s licence, finally, certifies that the driver is qualified to operate a combination vehicle of over 25,000 kg. Combination vehicles are vehicles that consist of multiple trailers. A rigid vehicle would look like a standard tractor truck, with one trailer hauled by one tractor truck. A combination vehicle would add another trailer or two behind the first trailer, adding length and weight to the vehicle. The length and weight, in turn, make a combination vehicle more challenging and dangerous to drive than rigid vehicles.

As the holder of a Class 5 driving licence, you will essentially free yourself up to operate any truck or heavy vehicle. Along the way to the Class 5 licence, you also need to master the skills of the lower licence classes. Learning to drive trucks of all sizes, weights, and variations, meanwhile, will make you a more marketable trucking professional, as you will be able to take on just about any job in the industry.

Enrol in a Class 5 Licence Course with DriveTime

At DriveTime, we can help you unlock any job in the trucking industry. If you have already done the work to obtain a Class 4 licence, you can take one of our Class 5 licence courses to take your skills to the next level. If you only have a Class 2 licence—or even if you don’t currently hold a heavy vehicle licence—you might consider our Truck Licence Package Deal. The package deal will bundle all your courses into one discounted price, all the way up to the Class 5 driving licence.

Are you interested in obtaining a Class 5 driver’s licence? If so, give us a call at DriveTime, and we will get you on the right course path. Dial 0800 TO DRIVE or (022) 653 2701 to find out about licensing opportunities in New Zealand.