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Class 2 Drivers / Driving Licence Course

Start Your Trucking Career, with a Class 2 Driver’s Licence Course in New Zealand

Pursuing a career in the truck driving industry has plenty of potential benefits. Not only will working in the trucking industry give you a chance to explore the country and work in a highly independent capacity, but it will also set you on the road towards a high paying career. Qualified truck drivers with the proper heavy vehicle driving licences are in high demand these days, from one tip of New Zealand to the other. With the right licence in hand and a bit of driving experience under your belt, you can pretty much write your own pay cheque.

Get Started with a Class 2 Licence Course from DriveTime

Another major benefit of pursuing a career as a truck driver is that you can get started in no time. You don’t have to apply for positions at university or weigh the pros and cons of different expensive and lengthy training programs. All you need to do to get started is obtain a Class 2 driver’s licence.

A Class 2 driver’s licence is the lowest tier of heavy vehicle licence in New Zealand. This type of licence enables you to drive a medium-weight rigid vehicle. Trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles that fit into the medium rigid category weigh between 6,000kg and 18,000kg and have a maximum of one trailer. For jobs that involve heavier vehicles or combination vehicles, you will need to obtain higher tiers of licences.

At DriveTime, we offer a Class 2 licence course in New Zealand—as well as courses for Class 4 and Class 5 licences. A Class 2 driving licence will not just give you the ability to drive medium rigid vehicles on New Zealand roads, but will also service as a prerequisite if you choose to continue to higher classes. It is, in other words, the starting point for any career in the trucking industry.

DriveTime provides approved courses for heavy vehicle driving licences in New Zealand. Thanks to our ‘approved’ status, we can expedite the process for obtaining a Class 2 driver’s licence significantly. In most cases, to get a full Class 2 licence, you must earn a Class 2 learner licence, hold the learner licence for six months and then pass a practice test.

At DriveTime, our Class 2 licence course cuts this process down from six months to three days. Day one includes instruction on the knowledge you will need to pass the Class 2 Learner Licence exam. Once you have your learner licence, you can return to DriveTime for the other two days of your Class 2 driving licence course. The final two days include additional training and a practical exam. At the successful completion of the course, you will receive your Class 2 driving licence, which will permit you to start taking on professional jobs within the trucking industry.

Start Your Truck Driving Career; Enrol with DriveTime Today

For many truck drivers, the Class 2 driver’s licence is not a final career destination. However, the Class 2 licence is the starting point for every aspiring truck driver. At DriveTime, we can help expedite that first chapter, so that you can start making money and building your career sooner. To get started today, give us a call on 0800 TO DRIVE or (022) 653 2701.